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Inviting Colleagues to Join ASMP

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Membership Guidelines

Members are required to be doctors, engaged in the study of or practice of medical perfusion.

Doctors wanting to become a member can apply to the executive and need to be sponsored by a current member of ASMP.

Honorary membership is available to doctors who are interested in but do not practice medical perfusion.

Membership is not open to the public.

ASMP Membership subscription is AUD$250 per annum.

Membership Application

Classes of Membership:

Ordinary – Medical practitioners registered to practice in Australia, who are practicing medical perfusionists are eligible to apply for Ordinary Membership.

Applicants should have managed at least 75 perfusions, over at least a one year period, during their training and/or subsequent experience.

Ordinary members shall be entitled to full privileges of membership, which includes receiving notices, attending and voting at business meetings of the Association, and being Officers or members of Committees and Subcommittees of the Association.

Honorary – Honorary members shall be other practitioners of medicine or allied sciences who may, by their services to or interest in medical perfusion, be accepted by the Executive Committee.

Honorary members shall have all the rights and privileges of Ordinary members except that Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote at business meetings of the Association, nor be Officers or members of Committees or Subcommittee of the Association.

To apply for membership, please complete this form:

New Membership Application Form