About This Site

The information on this web site is for the use of ASMP members, who are given the web address and password. Please do not give these details to anyone else.

The information is allocated to the categories listed alphabetically on the right of the main site pages. Information about some of the categories can be accessed by clicking the other “About” buttons at the top of the main site pages.

If the category you wish to use is not visible, navigate to it by scrolling down the page or by selecting it from the categories list. To return to the page with all the categories, click the Home button at the top left of the page or the “ASMP” heading at the top.

To access information within the categories, enter the web site password beside the category you wish to use. Entering the password for one category will allow access to all the other categories as well. After entering the password, it is securely stored with the browser you used. However, it seems that the password is not stored indefinitely, so you may have to enter it again at a later date. The fact that WordPress stores the password with the browser does reduce the security of the site. Therefore, I added individual password protection to some of the PDF files within the categories. The same password is used for both the categories and the PDF files, but you will have to enter the password every time you want to access any of the protected PDF files. There is no method of logging out of the ASMP site, so when you have finished using the site, please either go to another web site or close the browser window. Especially remember to close any password protected PDF files after you finish with them.

Some of the lectures are large files which may take several minutes to access. After accessing a file, you can return to the main site by using the browser’s navigation button to return to the previous page.

Email newsletters will be routinely added to this web site. Other additions or changes to the site will be notified by email to all members. There is no need for you to register to be notified of changes to the site.

Please email me if you have suggestions for improving the site or problems accessing the information.

Sandra Briggs
Membership Administrator