About ASMP

ASMP is an association for supporting medical professionals engaged in the practice or study of medical perfusion.

ASMP has been operating for 20 years and was previously known as NAMPA.

ASMP provides the following services:

(A) Membership application and annual subscription

Members are required to be doctors, engaged in the study of or practice of medical perfusion. Doctors wanting to become a member can apply to the executive and need to be sponsored by a current member of ASMP. Honorary membership is available to doctors who are interested in but do not practice medical perfusion. Membership is not open to the public.

(B) The provision of practical training in medical perfusion for trainees.

The course provided will be a one year training for medical anesthetic specialists in managing the use and application of a heart lung machine in open heart surgery and extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation for pulmonary support in the intensive care unit.  The course is being run in conjunction with the University of Melbourne which will be providing the theoretical training required.